I. Corporate

1. T2 Corporation tax return

2. Apply for GST, PST, WCB, Payroll and Import & Export number

3. Computerized accounting systems setup

4. Bookkeeping and accounts reconciliation (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

5. GST, PST and WCB report preparation and remittances

6. Preparation of financial statements

7. Payroll preparation and source deduction remittances, T4, T4 summary, ROE

II. Personal

1. T1 personal income tax return ( E-filing )

2. Foreign properties reporting

3. Accounting for self-employment

4. Non-resident income tax return

5. Previous years income tax return and adjustments

6. Personal and family income tax planning

III. Accounting training

1. Bookkeeping / Accounting Fundamentals training

2. Accounting software training

3. Simple personal income tax training

IV. Other related services

1. New immigrant GST credit application

2. SIN, MSP, Canada Child Tax Benefit application

3. MSP premium assistance and PharmaCare premium assistance application

4. Children Registered Education Saving Plan ( Government Grant )

5. Registered Retired Saving Plan

6. Financial planning services

Our ultimate goal is to save you time and money.

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